Stay Safe & Keep your mind active

A message for all during these difficult times, especially those of us with a mental health condition. It’s important to keep your mind active, do anything to stop the boredom if you don’t this will lead your mind astray and you’ll see a spike in your behaviour and mood. Find anything to keep your mind […]

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1 Year On

To anyone fighting a mental health battle stay strong stay positive things will get better. ❤️🌍

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Are You Ok ?

Are You Ok ? Online and happy to talk to you just to see if you’re ok and how you are. sometimes just opening up to someone and letting it all go I’ve found can be a huge release and help, ❤️🌍 it’s ok to not be ok you know #AreYouOkMovement

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sometimes it’s just ahhhhhh

It’s the little things, the smallest tiniest little thing that send my head crazy. Can I explain it no If I could would you even understand probably not. Something that seems so mediocre to you, yet to me it’s like someone’s just told me the worst news ever. Even as simple as hoovering, I hoover […]

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